What is beer gas, and why is it essential for carbonated drinks

The proportion of the gases in the beer is just as important as the ingredients. We help craft beer lovers to enjoy their favorite drinks to their full potential by mixing the corrects proportions of CO2 with N2 gas.

What is beer gas, and why is it essential for carbonated drinks

It is a common misconception that beer in cylinders is already carbonated when it arrives in pubs or bars. Everything is a bit more complicated. The beer gets carbonated when it is forced from the keg to the tap with gas. And a beer's full potential and taste are only revealed with a proper proportion of CO2 and N2 gases is used. The balance is individually set for each beer type, and as a result, you get a beer with the appropriate mix to make the perfect taste. Most experts can tell if a drink is served correctly by looking at the amount of foam and bubbles in the glass.

These 3 things will help you understand the importance of beer gas:

1) You can increase profit by minimizing beer waste and extending the operation of your beer system.

2) The gas will increase the pressure in the tap without excessive carbonation of the beer, thanks to which the beer is poured faster.

3) Last but not least - the beer taste improves. A beer gas keeps the carbonation level constant, so you can serve beer just as the brewer intended.

It was common to use CO2 to force beer from kegs in the past. However, pure CO2 can produce too much foam and ruin the taste. That's why today most pubs and bars use beer gas, a unique combination of N2 and CO2 made to carbonate beer with no side effects of pure CO2

The work of these two gases is important and perfectly proportional, as the nitrogen pushes the beer from the keg to the tap and the lowered CO2 content of the gas maintains the ideal degree of carbonation. Do you want a glass of beer with a nice creamy head and no wasted froth? It's easier to do with Beer gas because it minimizes foam at the tap by adjusting the quantity of carbonation.

Now you understand the importance of this gas. So all you need to do is to choose the best beer gas supplier! Contact us, and we'll do our best to make your beer taste perfect!

Reliable supply of beer gas? — We got you covered.

FIZZ Gas is one of the most reliable and qualified suppliers of certified food-quality compressed gases like carbon dioxide CO2, nitrogen N2 as well as the 60/40 and 70/30 CO2/Nitrogen mixed gases in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. 

With FIZZ Gas company, you will not bother yourself with:
- Draft beer gas delivery

- Connecting new cylinders 

- Removing empty cylinders

- Maintaining and managing your inventory

We provide food-grade carbon dioxide, perfect for dispensing soft drinks and beer in different cylinder sizes. If you work with beverages where you pour drinks from a tap, such as beer, water, coffee brew, or vines — give us a call, and we will come up with the best solution for you.

The operation of the beer gas system depends on pressure that makes your beer carbonated and fresh-tasting. Also, the way your beer is poured and consumed changes depending on whether there is too much or not enough pressure. Choose FIZZ Gas Company to take care of the gas system maintenance and make it run smoothly!

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